Maja Hampson

Research, zoo keeping adventures, art, unicorns

  • Research


    Species Survival Plans (SSPs) and European Endangered Species Programmes (EEPs) have been developed for several species of endangered felids in order to support their conservation in the wild.

    The results of this research highlights that special consideration should be taken when deciding to hand-rear individuals that are part of SSPs and EEPs.

  • Zoo Keeping Adventures

    Zoo Keeping Adventures

    Follow me on my adventures working with wildlife and trying my best to conserve species.

  • Art


    My gallery is still under construction. Coming soon!

  • Unicorns


    Equus monoclonius

    The unicorn is a horse-like animal that lives near the dark side of rainbows. They are rarely seen but it is believed that possess the power to heal injuries and disease. Some say their heart has been replaced with a harp, which is why they always look so peaceful.

latest blog posts

Let's talk ideologies. All of us have them, whether it's about politics or religion or sports. I'm going to introduce, very briefly, some different groups of thought about animal welfare.
​You can support wildlife by encouraging them to live in your backyard.
I have this thing with wrapping paper. It only exist to wrap gifts, to conceal the contents. Yes it's pretty, yes it's shiny but reeeeally it exists to exist.

About Maja

Maja is level 27 human.

Once, Maja's parents thought they should live in a country with mountains taller than a seven story building, so they moved from Denmark to Canada.

Maja loves animals, science, art and music. She is very skilled at generating too many ideas - all of which she plans to finish. Within the confines of her own mind, Maja is a skilled violinist, dancer, writer, and artist but in real life she is passable and always seeking to improve.