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The other night I spoke at an event called Rain City Chronicles. The theme was animal instincts and I shared a story about one of my tigers from the zoo I worked at. I was absolutely terrified to speak in front of over two hundred people, but everyone was very supportive and they seemed to enjoy my tale of the not-so-sweet Sweetie. I spoke with a few people afterwards and they encouraged me to share more stories about my life as a zoo keeper. So, tada! A blog. I hope to update this often and share stories about the animals I've met and the experiences I've had working in a garden of captives. I think there are a lot of misconceptions about zoos and one of my biggest frustrations as a keeper was listening to conversations fueled by ignorance. I understand that I work in a controversial industry, but I think there's a difference between having an informed opinion and just pain old making stuff up to suit your negative perceptions. Hopefully through sharing some of my experiences, I'll be able to change your next zoo experience and maybe shed a little light on why zoos run the way they do.

I'll need a little time to get myself organized so that's all for now. :D

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